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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID II Halaman: 425-829


Sri Astuti , Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka, Jakarta ....... 824
With the existence of textbooks, students are led to practice or try out the theories that have been learned from the book. The teacher's role is very important and strategic for all educational function. In order to prepare the child towards a democratic life, in which, among others, is characterized by the values of life which is egalitarian, the teacher's role is very important as agents of gender socialization. The lower the education level, the more important this role, because at that time the construction value of the child is still malleable (influenced) .Guru and educational software in schools is still characterized by traditional gender values. As a result, the creation of a learning experience also tends to reinforce traditional gender values which had previously socialized to children. Textbooks gender-oriented character is a book designed for use in class and carefully arranged in the form of learning tools that contain personality, behavior, character, temper, and character are actualized through a series of attitudes (attitudes), behavioral (behaviors), motivation ( motivations), and skills (skills) in a cultural concept that seeks to make a distinction (distinction) in terms of roles, behavior, mentality, and emotional characteristics between men and women is growing in society.

Kata kunci : Textbooks, gender, attitude, character, motivation

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