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Pupun Nuryani, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia ............... 746
The paper entitled "Building Authority in Learning " is an attempt to explain the importance of authority in education. Preparation of this paper was based on the authority crisis affecting the implementation of learning that do not support learners in achieving education goals. There are several things that must be done to build authority teacher in learning , namely by building affection towards learners , a belief that learners will be adults , maturity , identification of learners, and educational responsibilities. With the authority of learning , teachers can implement ( 1 ) a high commitment to carry out the duties and responsibilities as a teacher and educator of the students , ( 2 ) a sincerely internal motivation, when carrying out the tasks of teaching in his life , (3 ) sense of humor , made the class interesting and fun , mastering teaching materials , have an ability to explain well , take the time to help the students , being fair / honest and open to students , treat students as adults , ( 4 ) have a good relationship with the student , able to consider any students condition and feelings , and to be fair and do not discriminate against students. Role to establish the authority of the teacher, one needs to understand the pedagogic. Through understanding of pedagogical, teachers can understand the phenomenon of education systematically, provide clues and directions about which should be implemented in educating, avoiding mistakes in the practice of educating and also a chance to get to know yourself and making improvements.

Kata kunci : Building Authority in Learning

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