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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID II Halaman: 425-829


Rosnah Binti Ahmad Zain, IPG Kampus Pendidikan Islam ......... 655
Quality learning materials needed in the teaching and learning process (PDP) to solve the problem of incompatibility of the PDP. Thus the web-based learning has been viewed as an effective alternative in the teaching and learning because this method is able to create a student-centered learning, self-directed. Teaching and Learning Basic Chart for teachers PISMP IPG Kampus Islamic Education is intended to help teachers acquire skills using graphic software. Weblogs built on the proforma Technology in Teaching and Learning (EDU3053) using Weebly for Education as a site to teach a topic Basic Chart. The learning content consists of several main modules that contain learning objectives, activities, questions, exercises and group activities. It is hoped that this weblog will be able to diversify teaching and learning techniques so that the learning process would be easier, fun and effective. In addition, the weblog is also expected to help teachers to design in the production of the project and provides website and blog interesting. This module was built using the software Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop CS7, MartView and PDF Converter 7. Evaluation module was conducted using questionnaires that were distributed to 20 students PISMP Semester 4. Charging the contents of this weblog developed in three stages, based on the design model Hannafin and Peck (1988), which shows that media-based software should be developed in three phases; Phase 1: The phase of the software requirements of the course, Phase 2: design phase and Phase 3: phase of development and implementation. Evaluation Module continuously and improvements have been carried out during the three phases are performed (Isham & M.Arif 2008). Based on the designs, the author will develop a module associated with the teaching of Basic Chart for teachers PISMP Semester 4 in IPG Kampus Islamic Education. In addition, the module construction method tutorial, drill and projects through computer education concept has been successfully implemented using cooperative learning strategies, individual, flexible, active and mastery. This agreement proved melalui100% of respondents who said learning using built this weblog is attractive, easy to understand, taking into account the diversity of students and understandable.

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