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PENGENALAN ORIENTASI SEKSUAL PADA ANAK DALAM ISLAM (Menyiapkan Generasi Bangsa yang baik dimasa depan)

Kamiludin, SDN Koleang 05 Kab. Bogor ........... 199
Questions, disquiet, anxiety and parents about sexual orientation deviation is reasonable, because they are still minimal knowledge about the world. But if the parents want to dig deeper into the information about it, then they will be easier to explain it to the kids. As parents, we never know whether for real sex oreintasi belonging to children, unless they admit it themselves. Hence how parents tried to palpate the orientation of child sex early?. What about when the child is known to have had same-sex sexual orientation or even bisexual, homosexual acts have done?. Islam explains much about sexual orientation. even Prophet Muhammad is the best educator of the child, he's been reminded of the importance of the Affairs of the ' sexual orientation ' to look out for early on. Many ways to detect the orientation of the child sex early and there are many features of children that they experience irregularities orientation. Our job as parents and educators must understand both the issue of sexual orientation. When we've been aware of any irregularities on the sexual orientation of children or learners we then let's care and save them so that future generations of this condition is not getting worse circumstances.

Kata kunci : sexual orientation, children, deviation, care and rescue.

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