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« Vol. I No. 1 Januari 2007

Peningkatan Kualitas Guru dalam Perspektif Pendidikan Islam

Nanat Fatah Natsir
Indonesian human index is world widely very low. As evidence shows, only few schools in Indonesia receive world recognition due to low teacher’s quality. Islam, a majority religion in Indonesia, as a matter of fact concerns education. Using literature review, this study focuses on new government policies such as new regulation on teachers and university lecturers and school-based management and how they influence Islamic teacher education. The findings suggest that improving teacher’s quality is a complex process including the development of hardware, software, and brain ware. It needs, among others, government’s willingness to allocate bigger budget to improve teacher’s competence and professionalism. In the Islamic perspective, however, teachers need to balance between
their material and mental fulfillment. To improve their quality, Muslim teachers need to adapt themselves to the change and progress in world education development.

Kata kunci : kualifikasi akademik, kompetensi, sertifikasi, pedagogik, profesionalisme

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