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Insan Malik Agussandi
Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school is a religious school in Tasikmalaya regency, a Salafi pesantren boarding examine the books of the yellow (classic) with a semi-formal education system and guided with tiered curriculum and syllabus prepared by the founder. The main issue addressed in this research is the development How Miftahul Huda Islamic School in 1980 - 2009 and the impact of these developments on the social life of religious communities Manonjaya Tasikmalaya district? The main problem is divided into three research questions: (1) How backgrounds establishment Miftahul Huda Islamic School in District Manonjaya, Tasikmalaya regency? (2) How can the education system be developed Miftahul Huda Islamic School? (3) What is the impact of Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school where the social life, and the religious community? The method used in the study is the historical method to test the process and critically analyze the data - the data and the relics of the past events through four stages, namely heuristics, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. Based on the findings obtained Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school that was established on August 7, 1967 by the late KH. Choer Affandi, located in Kedusunan, Pasirpanjang, Kalimanggis Village, District Manonjaya, Tasikmalaya regency. Since the establishment of schools in existence in 1967 has certainly brought religious social impact for the community in Manonjaya district, Tasikmalaya regency. This is what makes Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school as the central development of Islam in the region Manonjaya, at this time. It can be seen from various socio-religious activities that have been implemented since the establishment of schools to date. This is done through the Huda Islamic boarding school Miftahul active in the development of propaganda in Manonjaya district, Tasikmalaya regency. In the social activities Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school has two principal social activity, social activity that is carried out within (internal) and outside (external) schools. These activities, give a brief description to us that the role of schools, as a socio-religious institution has been going well.

Kata kunci : Islamic boarding school, Salafi, Miftahul Huda

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