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Dede Yusup
Libya under Gaddafi’s goverment has a different goverment system compared to the other countries. This fact has built author’s interest to do a research about Libyan government system with the major problem is “How was the idea of Muammar Gaddafi’s Islamic socialism against the Libyan government system 1969-2011?”. This study uses historical methods and applies literature technique. Muammar Gaddafi was one of the leading thinkers of socialism, especially religious socialism (Islam) born and developed when this imperialism and colonialism phases were struck the third world countries, including Libya. Gaddafi had also been inspired by Gamal Abdul Nasser, one of religious socialist thinkers. Muammar Gaddafi called his idea or thought about Islamic as The Third Universal Theory. The idea initiated by the new socialist Gaddafi was relied on the power of the spirit of religion, especially Islam. Gaddafi thinks this is concretely embodied in a book entitled al-Kitab al-Akhdar, or the Green Book. Gaddafi implements these thoughts in the system of government of Libya. Both domestic and foreign policies were based on these thoughts. Gaddafi policies had turned out and given impacts to the other governments in the Middle East countries, especially because of the influences of Arab unity or Pan Arabism spirits.

Kata kunci : Muammar Gaddafi, Libya, Islamic Socialism, the Third Universal Theory

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