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« Prosiding Konvensi Nasional APTEKINDO VII dan Temu Karya XVIII FPTK/FT-JPTK Se-Indonesia (Bagian V hal 805 sd. 1000)

Pengembangan Satuan Acara Perkuliahan (SAP) dengan Penerapan Kurikulum 2013 pada Program Studi Tata Rias Unimed

Rohana Aritonang
Syllabus is a development or argumentation of curriculum that containts; synopsis of subject, subject competence, indicator competence, topics/sub-topics and reference. In order to curriculum can be implemented as well as in classroom lecture, therefore a syllabus should be developed become lesson plan. Lesson plan contain of components; standard competence, basic of competence, indicator of competence, subject of lecture, and it’s materials, learning experience (teaching and learning strategy), media, evaluation, and reference. Lesson plan is activity projection/activity that will be done by lecturer in learning activity.

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