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« Prosiding Konvensi Nasional APTEKINDO VII dan Temu Karya XVIII FPTK/FT-JPTK Se-Indonesia (Bagian V hal 805 sd. 1000)

Strategic Development of the Professional Certification Agency in the Technological Institute of Vocational Education

The efforts to ensure of professional competence of graduates of vocational technology education could be done through a competency test conducted by the Professional Certification Agency (LSP). Professional Certification Agency the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Jakarta, named LSPP1–FT UNJ. It’s an independent unit with the main task of carrying out certification of student’s competency. It ensure, measure, and maintain the competence of its graduates through a certification process.Strategic development Professional Certification Agency was planning how to set up and design the Professional Certification Agency the Technological Institute of Vocational Education, accordingly so that it’s able to perform its function to ensure student’s competency. Strategic development were: A). Established working committee, B).Socialized the program andcomparative studied, C). Prepared business document, organization and personnel, D). Prepared a letter of application to obtain a license from the National Board for Professional Certification (BNSP).

Kata kunci : competence, professional, development.

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