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Studi Literatur Penggunaan Facebook dalam Perkuliahan: Manfaat dan Tantangan

Aodah Diamah, Prasetyo Wibowo Yunanto
The web 2.0 technology has allowed its users to interact and actively create contents. These characteristicsare prominent in Facebook, which has billions of users, including university students. With such a large number of users, it is not surprising more educators are incorporating Facebookinto classrooms. In successful cases to what extent is Facebook used? Are there concerns regarding Facebook use for education? This paper attempts to provide insights into these questions. We have conducted a literature survey on ten papers published between 2008 and 2012. Findings from our survey show that blending Facebook with learning has positive outcomes such us increased students’ motivation and peer-learning. Some challenges were also identified including distraction and privacy issues. While self-control can help students stay focus on their task at hands, a workshop at the beginning of the course helps students understands the rules on joining and interacting in the course Facebook group.

Kata kunci : Facebook, education, learning

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