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Penerapan Metode Tanya-Jawab dengan Teknik Probing-Prompting Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berpikir Kritis Siswa Di Kelas XI IPA 4 SMA Negeri 14 Bandung

Endang Jubaedah
This study departs from the problems that occur in the field that is not the emergence of critical thinking skills of students in the class. It looks at the answers and the questions asked of students still at the level of low-level thinking is factual. In this research, writer uses Class Action Research combine with Kemmis & Mc. Taggart model. The activities which are done in this research are planning, acting, observing and reflecting The formulation of the problem that researchers make is as follows: (1) How to design learning plan history using question-answer with prompting-probing techniques to improve critical thinking skills of students in class XI IPA 4?, (2) How is the implementation of measures of learning history using question-answer with prompting-probing techniques in class XI IPA 4?, (3) How do the results of the application of the method to the question-answerd with prompting-probing techniques in class XI IPA 4?, (4) How to overcome obstacles encountered in the implement methods of questions and answers with probing technique-prompting in class XI IPA 4?. Based on the data obtained during the four cycles, suggesting that the study of history through the application of methods of question-answer with probing-prompting technique progressing dynamically in every cycle. Referring to the 12 indicators of critical thinking skills that have been defined, the application method of question and answer with probing technique-prompting, considered able to engage and enhance students' critical thinking skills in aspects of "answer", "strengthen the argument with facts and sources are clear", "submit its findings "," ask "," respond ".

Kata kunci : Method Of Questioning, Probing-Prompting Techniques, Critical Thinking, Teaching History.

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