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« Vol. V No. 1 Januari 2011

Cerita Pantun Sanghyang Jagatrasa: Transformasi Antara Kelisanan dan Keberaksaraan (Analisis Struktur-Semiotik)

Dedi Koswara
This current study focuses on two objects: orality (Carita Pantun Sanghyang Jagatrasa (CPSJ) and literacy or the manuscript of Wawacan Sanghyang Jagatrasa (WSJ). The issue in study is related to:(1) transformation between CPSJ orality and WSJ literacy, and (2) formal structure of struktur formal of CPSJ narrative poetry as well as that of WJS literacy. Approaches to the issue are (1) orality or oral literature and (2) written literature or literacy. Findings shows that based on the result of orality approach, (1) CPSJ has eight formulas, thirteen functions, and seven 7 actional areas, while the application of literacy approach WSJ reveals that WSJ has six actan models and functional models, (2) transformation from CPSJ orality to WSJ literacy can be found in literary conventions, narrative techniques, formula expression, vocabulary, and sentence structures. This transformation can be semiotically referred as an effort to conserve and transform the moral values of CPSJ into WSJ period in line with the existing situation and circumstance of Sundanese community.

Kata kunci : carita pantun, wawacan, struktur-semiotik

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