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Toto Fathoni, Dadang Sukirman, Cepi Riyana
Application of distance education systems form the perfect choice to improve the qualifications and competence of teachers in Indonesia. Since 2007, the Indonesian government through the Directorate General of Higher Education and Quality Improvement Directorate of Education Personnel 10 LPTK establish and grow in 2010 to 23 LPTKs to jointly organize PJJ system for teacher qualification improvement programs through education PGSD SI. PJJ is intended in the government program is operationally different from the distance education system which was developed by the previous institution, mislnya Open University (UT) which uses modular (printed matterial) as the main learning materials. PJJ on this program based on information and communication technology using the Internet as the main media, face to face carried only a few times in the residential program, the rest using e-learning program. The use of ICT tools in this study for reasons other than scientific and technological developments today, but also more kebermangfaatannya reasons (benefits) that can be obtained. On that basis the researchers conducted a review of whether there is an effect of the program PJJ PGSD tesebut the competence of teachers set out in No game. 16 of 2007. This study is a model of education that focuses on the implementation of distance learning programs PGSD PJJ influence on mastery of competencies Elementary School Teacher. This study aims to look at the relationship variables and control program teacher competence. And the result will be interpreted with descriptive analysis. This research can be classified into the types of ex post facto research, because researchers do not provide treatment or manipulate specific changes to the research subject. Intelligence information gathered is based on events or experiences that have taken place whether it involves learning program that has lasted for 5 semesters. In an attempt to explain the pattern of relationship between variables, the correlation method is used with the relevant inferential analysis techniques. Based on deskrisp data, analysis and discussion of research, it can be concluded that there was a positive influence PGSD PJJ program based on the mastery of ICT competence of teachers. Of the four competencies are used as reference in accordance No game. 16 of 2007 namely the competence of pedagogical, professional, social and keperibadian, there is a different percentage between competence perceived by the teacher after attending PGSD PJJ Program. Improvement of each competency is to contribute "very good". However, some aspects of the most meninjol PGSD PJJ Programme for teachers are: (1) mastery of ICT as part of pedagogical competence, (2) Mastery of basic skills teaching, (3) Mastery of fields of study, especially the material given in lectures, (4) Also have an impact on softskill Teachers, like self-confidence, ability to get along with peers and creativity.

Kata kunci : ICT-Based Teacher Education (PJJ PGSD), Learning Management System, Teachers (Social, Keperibadian, Pedagogic and Professional)

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