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« Vol. III No. 2 Juli 2009

Menumbuhkembangkan Daya dan Disposisi Matematis Siswa Sekolah Menengah Atas Melalui Pembelajaran Investigasi

Mumun Syaban
This paper presents the findings from a posttest experimental control group design by using group and individual investigation approaches conducted to investigate students’ mathematical power and dispositions. The study involved 330 tenth grade students from three senior high schools of high, medium, and low cluster. The instruments of the study were a Cognitive Field Test adopted from Witkin, Moore, Goodenough and Cox, a mathematical power test, and a mathematical disposition scale. The data were analyzed by using one path and two paths ANOVA and Steefy test. The study found students’ mathematical power and disposition of group investigation approach were better than that of individual investigation appeoach. Both of them were classified as fairly good and better than that of conventional class. Moreover, on mathematical power and dispositon, field dependent students was better than that of field dependent students. Besides those findings, study found interaction between teaching approach and school cluster on mathematical power and disposition, and between teaching approach and cognitive field on mathematical power, but no interaction between teaching approach and cognitive field on mathematical disposition.

Kata kunci : mathematical power, mathematical disposition, cognitive field, group and individual investigation

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