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« Vol. III No. 1 Januari 2009

Pengembangan Desain Pembelajaran bagi Anak Buta-Tuli (Deafblind) Berdasarkan Kurikulum Fungsional dan Setting Alamiah

Anastasia Widjajantin
Survey shows that teachers of deafblind find it difficult to decide and develop the learning strategy and the learning materials relevant for the deafblind. This study is to make a procedure for developing a learning design, testing its accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as its prototype design. The model for this design is some phases adapted from Borg and Gall. Phase 1 discusses the procedure for developing the learning design, adapted from Snell, Blind’s Association, and Texas Deafblind Outreach. Phase 2 is expert judgment. Phase 3 is field testing to 3 deafblind children. Phase 4 is revising the product and developing the prototype of learning design based on functional curriculum and natural setting. The result of field testing shows that the learning design based on functional curriculum and natural setting is effective and efficient for supporting the deafblind.

Kata kunci : learning design, deafblind, functional curriculum, natural setting

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