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« Vol. III No. 1 Januari 2009

Manajemen Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional

Nanang Fattah, Tatat Hartati, dan Effy Mulyasari
The policy of developing International School primary and secondary schools started in 2006/2007 influences school management. This policy is demanded by quality assurance in education and globalization era indicated by competition in all sectors. The Strategic Planning of the Department of National Education for 2010 states that each regency/city should have one International School at Elementary, Junior High, Senior High, and Vocational Schools. Until today, however, this ideal school has not developed its standard characteristics and reference to be a competitive international school. This target of having an excellent school is an opportunity that has to be collaborativelly developed to make International School in each unit of education possible. This study suggests the importance of having the same perception on the management of International School that covers planning, implementing and supervising. All stakeholders need to have comprehensive understanding about the International School characteristics, its management and strategy of implementation.

Kata kunci : international school, school-based management, top school

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