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« Vol. XVI No. 2 Desember 2020


Risqi Perdana Putra (Universitas Diponegoro - Semarang)
Cultivate a management that is superior and characterized by having the power in accordance with the rules, assumptions, and values that bind together in the organization. The success of the MPM of an organization is determined by how the organization creates a culture, such as: (a) innovation is considered high value, (b) secondary status, what matters is performance and contribution, (c) leadership is a key to activity / action, not justice, ( d) rewards are divided equally through teamwork, (e) development, learning and training are seen as supporting tools and (f) empowerment to achieve challenging goals supported by sustainable development and success should be a climate for self-motivation. The success of an organization should give rise to a sense of pride and opportunity to develop for the people in it (staff and clients) so that they feel as owners (share in) the realization of the goals of the organization together and among all employees. Commitment also means the involvement of bearing consequences in achieving goals, demands systematic work, transmits information about opportunities for innovation and development. Commitment is normative. Communication among team members is powerful, although simple but effective. Communication must be based on genuine facts and understanding, not assumptions let alone rumors. Communication has a free flow in the organization. Quality improvement management, although somewhat philosophical in nature, contains the meaning of fundamental principles that lead to continuous organizational improvement. MPM is the application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve all aspects of the organization, and leads to the fulfillment of client / customer needs, now and for the future. integrating fundamental management techniques, delivering improvement efforts, and technical tools through a rigorous approach that leads to continuous improvement (UK Petra, 1997).

Kata kunci : acut-oriented pictorial management, superior and character justice system

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