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« Volume 5, Nomor. 1, April 2016


Faujian Esa Gumelar, Agus Mulyana, Wawan Darmawan
The research was distributed by attraction of researchers to Ahmad Hassan, because the figure can carry PERSIS which are the organizations that are relatively small ini membership, can have a issue discussed was “How the thought of Ahmad Hassan about the faith, worship and doctrine of nationality ini Indonesia? The methods used in this research are the historical method that includes four stages: !) Heuristics, 2) Criticism of sources, 3) Interpretation, 4) Historiography. Based on the results of the research that Ahmad Hassan effected by Ahmad Hassan, to resolve various issues of religion are always based on Al Qur’an As Sunnah of the us. In addition, Ahmad Hassan made the holding to the belief of faith about trusting the Lord, Whence are God through the nature of his divinity and believe of the Prophets with the excess, as the main guidelines which he worship which is always based on the two sources that have absolute conditions in setting a law, Al Qur’an and As Sunnah to the us. Islamic thought Ahmad Hassan also deals with aspects of national, for Ahmad Hassan, the state and society be governed by Islam a religion.

Kata kunci : Ahmad Hassan, Persis, The Renewal of Islam.

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