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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID II Halaman: 425-829


Kuruvilla C.K. Joseph & Ramesh Rao Ramanaidu, Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ilmu Khas ............ 596
Humour plays an integral part in teaching and learning. Though researchers have examined the effectiveness of using humour in the teaching and learning context, most studies are on usage by language teachers. This study extends by including language and non-language teachers. This study examines how English Language and Science teachers from primary schools view the use of humour in the classroom. It also aims to investigate how and when a teacher utilises humour in the classroom. Primary school teachers from Wilayah Persekutuan (Kuala Lumpur) took part in this study. A questionnaires consisting of 20 items was administered to 40 teachers. The data for the study were collected from teachers attending a Continuous Professional Course using a survey designed by the researchers. The questionnaire was of a four-point Likert type and open ended items. The findings of this study revealed that though the teachers who took part in this study are aware of the benefits of humour, they were reluctant to use it in the teaching and learning process because of their limited repertoire of teaching using humour, the possibility of pupils not taking the lesson seriously and most importantly, their fear of not being able to complete the syllabus on time. Hence, it is recommended that teachers should be exposed to courses related to using effective ways on how to infuse humour in the teaching and learning so that a positive and fun learning atmosphere can be created.

Kata kunci : Humour, Fun-learning, teacher talk, positive classroom atmosphere, affective filter

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