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« Vol. I No. 2 Juli 2007

Efektivitas Model Directed Reading Actvity (DRA) Dalam Pengajaran Membaca Bahasa Indonesia Sebagai Bahasa Asing

Wawan Danasasmita
This study was intended to identify the effectiveness of Directed Reading Activity (DRA) in the teaching of Indonesian as a foreign language. Method used the study was experimental by making use of test, questionnaire, and classroom observation technqiues. Data were gathered from 30 semester 7 students of Nihon University, Shizuoka Japan, registered in the academic year of 2002-2003. The study focused on the students’ reading comprehension skills ranging from literal to inferential levels. The findings show that this model was effective to improve the students’ reading comprehension skills and the quality of Indonesian language teaching in the university. The improved reading comprehension skills taught by DRA include adequate literal, inferential, and evaluative levels and cover the understanding of semantic elements, author’s messages, and responses to the texts. DRA effectiveness can be seen in active interactions berween lecturer and students and from clearly set goals, and learning materials adjusted to the students’ needs.

Kata kunci : DRA, reading comprehension, literal, inferential

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