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« Edisi Khusus, No. 2, Agustus

THE ROLE OF WHOLE LANGUAGE TEACHING OF YOUNG EFL STUDENTS (ELEMENTARY LEVEL) (A Pre-experimental Study of English for Young Learners in One of Elementary School in Majalengka

Aam Ali Rahman
This article is based on the conviction about Whole Language Learning that has been criticized by many experts. In fact, in regard with the criticisms to Whole Language Learning, there are only few researches dealing with teaching, in which it is proposed in Whole Language Teaching (WLT). Eventually, this article worked with pre-experimental study of the role of Whole Language Teaching (WLT) of young EFL Student. This investigated the significance of WLT to young learner students who learn English for the first time. There were one class consists of 30 young learners conducted in this article. They were taught by using characteristic of WLT for three meetings and tested using matched t-test to seek the significance. The result showed that on the level .05, null-hypothesis of this article assuming that there is no different ability of English for students before and after receiving treatment was rejected. Since the t score is 5.028 while the t-crit for df = 29 is 2.045. In sum, WLT seems to be quite effective to be applied for young learners who learn English for their first time statistically. In fact, some consideration and circumstances were affected.

Kata kunci : Whole Language Teaching, WLT, Young Learner, EFL, Elementary

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