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« Edisi Khusus, No. 2, Agustus

Student’s Strategies in Developing Speaking Skills (At a University in Bandung)

Susie Kusumayanthi
This journal reports on language learning strategies to develop speaking skill employed by different levels of students, namely: high, middle, and low achiever students. It also focuses on the reasons why they employed those strategies. The study focuses on the above topics because the research concerning language learning strategies to develop speaking skill still receives a little attention in Indonesian EFL context. Some researchers, such as Chamot (1993), affirm that language learning strategies are primarily benefit for developing speaking skill. Six students were participating in this study. They were three male and three female students who were studying at the eighth semester in a university in Bandung. They were taking a three-month English for Job Seekers Program supported by the university. In selecting the participants, this study made use of purposeful sampling to gain the important information from the participants (Alwasilah, 2002: 146). The instruments used were questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires were adapted from Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) Version7.0 as well as Background Questionnaire developed by Oxford (1990). The study then revealed several findings; regarding the language learning strategies employed by high achievers, middle achievers, and low achiever students in mastering speaking skill, the study figured out that the high achiever and the low achiever students employed meta-cognitive strategies the most for learning English. While the middle achiever students employed affective strategies the most. It was interesting to note that the high achiever students were using the widest variety of appropriate LLS. This might be one of the explanations why the high achiever students’ speaking skill was better than those of the middle and low achievers. Concerning the reasons why they employed those strategies, the participants revealed that they employed certain strategies to effectively increase their ability in speaking. The reasons that were pointed out by the participants might indicate that they employed certain language learning strategies consciously to assist their progress in developing English language skills, particularly speaking skill. As suggested by some researchers, among others Oxford (1996) and Wenden (1990), conscious use of language learning strategies makes good language learners. Suggestions for future research were provided.

Kata kunci : Language Learning Strategies, EFL, Speaking Skill, Good Language Learners

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