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« Volume 2, Nomor 1, April 2013


RD. Ryan Haryadi
The background of the research about this case appeared as the form of researcher’s interest through the loop of Oda Nobunaga who is the great figure in the history of mid century in Japan. Besides that, the researcher will investigate about the contribution of Oda Nobunaga in the process of Japan unification that progress in the 16th century. The researcher will use historical method that is suitable to the purposes of this research paper. Furthermore, the statements of research problem that will be investigated here are divided into four research questions, those are (1). How is the condition of Japan politic and social before unification?; (2). How is Oda Nobunaga’s thinking through Japan unification; (3). How is Oda Nobunaga’s politic in the process of Japan unification?; (4). How is the form of Oda Nobunaga’s discreetness in the process of Japan unification? Meanwhile, the background of Japan unification that is implemented by Oda Nobunaga was the weaknesses of Momurachi shogun after being a civil war that impact to extended the conflict to many region in Japan and cleavage among clan (military family), so that condition is constitute to the first point from the Sengoku period who made Japan area was fuelled by blood spillage. On those Sengoku season, the figure of Oda Nobunaga was appeared who is a daimyo (land lord) who has big ambition to unify Japan. He is the first initiator in the Japan unification and its planning evidence was shown by being of a motto Tenka Fubu that means mastery the whole of Japan by military power. The reason of Oda Nobunaga used military power in his every effort to unify Japan was because being of politic condition in Japan that obligate to do the harshness or combat by great military power and it was proven by his every fast conquest by employing those great military power include to the useful of firearm effectively. Besides, the region mastery by military, Nobunaga was often held the politic marriage in order that the regions which have been mastered were able to be controlled spatially. In his politic strategy, Nobunaga was also often employed the shogun position and emperor to make his dream came true. For instance, the discreetness that have been made by Oda Nobunaga as the way to achieve his ambition in the process of Japan unification that include to politic field, military, economic, and religion. In addition, its discreetness was impacted to politic condition of Japan that pass changing in the all aspect. Finally, by being the effort of Japan unification, Japan was began to be unified nation in form of central government under Tokugawa shogun.

Kata kunci : Oda Nobunaga, Unification, Tenka Fubu, Sengoke, Japan

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