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H. Suprawito
Boarding school learning system is basically very good to instill patterns of learning, discipline menanmkan some time and certainly a strong personality traits that are ready to excel in all conditions. There are so many forms of education units ranging from elementary school level to university has tried to apply this learning system. However, if the investigation still leaves some key requirements that are not yet fulfilled in its implementation. Negative impacts were sometimes still be found from the output of even the process itself. As an example in environmental education and education professional service, this still needs to be improved. There are several main components, namely the development of boarding school, in class learning system, system of care, guidance systems, and components of personality assessment. From analysis of these support components, the implementation should be strictly controlled. For that the author felt the need memeparkan bebeapa phenomenon and solving solutions in impplementasi Boarding School is a learning system, so it can be a joint study materials especially for experts and educational experts. So the next system of professional learning, service and the like who want to apply this learning system.

Kata kunci : Boarding school, Nation Character..

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