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« Volume 1, No. 1, Februari 2010

Teaching Mathematiscs Contextually (Mengajar Matematika Secara Kontekstual)

Maulana, M.Pd.
We have been familiar with the fact that a straightforward method is commonly chosen by a lecturer in delivering the lecture. During the process of teaching and learning in the class, student are imposed with merely materials and exercises. The similar phenomenon can be found in mathematics course. There is no way for avoiding and bargaining between the students and the lecturer reckoning all the materials given. There is almost no chance of learning other things as significant as—or even more—than the mathematics content itself. This can possibly be the cause of the emerged assumption that mathematics course is a horrible subject to learn. Moreover, if the materials are delivered rigidly and forcefully.
As a research result of Tech Prep1, 60 percent students—called “neglected majority”—who have been traditionally taught in manner that benefits abstract learners, in many academic subjects such as mathematics, science, and English. Even on the contrary, most students are not abstract learners.
This paper are aimed at giving an altenative way of teaching, Contextual Teaching and Learning—CTL. By teaching mathematics contextually, it is hoped that the quality of our teaching and learning will come to its betterment. Many significant and valuable things can be explained from it, and the most important one is that, the negative assumption is about the horrible subject attributed to math which is turned into an interesting subject, hopefully. And of course, finally CTL becomes an enjoyable part of the course that the students are eager to attend.

Kata kunci : Contextual Teaching and Learning, CTL

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