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Pengetahuan dan Sumber Informasi Kesehatan Reproduksi Remaja di Indonesia

Survey of adolescents in 2009 represents a national survey, designed to produce estimates at the provincial level. The survey was conducted in 33 provinces in Indonesia. The purpose of this survey is to identify the knowledge and sources of information on adolescent reproductive health (ARH). The number of respondents 22.877 with details teenage male 52.3 percent and 47.7 percent female. The results showed that the knowledge of adolescents on reproductive health has not been as expected. Average value of every teenager in Indonesia showed that the composite index value of adolescent reproductive health knowledge is 55.4 (range 0-100). Highest with the lowest difference of 26.5 index points, with the highest range in Bali (68.3) and lowest in Central Sulawesi (41.8). For that we need to increase adolescent knowledge about adolescent reproductive health, which include knowledge about puberty, fertile period, pregnancy risk, age at f irst marriage, age of first childbirth, anemia, drugs, alcohol,
HIV/AIDS, and other Sexually Transmitted Infections/STD.
Adolescent reproductive health information sources received by adolescents also remains low. Average value of every teenager in Indonesia composite index value of information on adolescent reproductive health 49.4 (index range: 0-100), still far from the target set (85 percent). Difference between the highest and the lowest index of 25.3 points, with The highest ranges of Central Java (57.8) and lowest in Central Sulawesi (32.5). Various sources of information that can be empowered to dissemination of reproductive health knowledge, ie from the schools, mass media, family planning field worker, health field worker, and informal meetings. Knowledge about adolescent reproductive health must be provided to adolescents, as well as to teachers, workers (family planning, health), religious leaders and community leaders.

Kata kunci : Remaja, Kesehatan Reproduksi Remaja (KRR), pengetahuan, sumber informasi, survei nasional.

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