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Mardan Umar (FIS Universitas Negeri Manado), Abdul Madjid (FPIPS Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung)
The focus of the study is on the character building of morals of Muslim students in Politeknik Pos Indonesia. The focus raises questions including:
1) Why the character building in Politeknik Pos Indonesia is not dominant?, 2) How are the efforts conducted by leaders and lecturers of the university in the process of character building of moral values to the students especially in the terms of disciplinary and concern?, 3) Is there any leading example showed in the vicinity of Politeknik Pos Indonesia?,
4) What are the obstacles faced in the process of character building to the Muslim students?, 5) What solutions can be done to help the process of character building of Muslim students in Politeknik Pos Indonesia?.
The results show that the character building in Politeknik Pos Indonesia is not dominant due to the tendency in stressing technical skills of students, providing them entering job world. The character building is seen in freshman’s students’ activities involving character building, mentoring and studying at Student Activity Unit/UKM Commitment.
The character building of students disciplinary is conducted through the establishment of rules as described in the use of university’s uniform.
Furthermore, to develop students’ concern, students carry out some actions including blood donor, drugs counseling, and other similiar actions. Leaders and lecturers of Politeknik Pos Indonesia show a good role model in the process of character building. The character building process is often time inhibited by the bad effect of internet access and the lack monitory is when the students are outside the campus. Therefore, in this context, leaders and lecturers often direct and advise the students in every activity to hold the good character. This study also offers the pattern of students’ character building through the process of internalization, habituation and leading character’s expression.

Kata kunci : Character, Internalization, habituation, leading character

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