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Aas Nurasyiah, Dadang Dahlan, Neti Budiwati
The appropriate necessity of consumption attitude will secure
everyone’s life to be more prosperous. In addition, the exaggeration of consumption
attitude is hates by Allah as in Holy Quran (At-takasur: 1-8) and some hadist. But,
now the phenomenon shows that the majority of Moslem in Indonesian society has
a consumption attitude that tends to be consumptive. That is known from the news
which mentioned about a hand phone store in Singapore is selling elegant hand phone
and 50% of the seller is Indonesian. Tendency of consumptive attitude adheres to
the teenager’s life especially for Senior High School student in the big countries.
From the result of pre-research which done to 100 Senior High School students show
that the approximate of Senior High School student’s out come for the pleasure
necessity is bigger (21,26%) than student’s out come for the investment necessity.
Besides, student’s tendency to save money is lowest 0, 88%. This consumptive attitude
describes from the students habit to shop and hang out in Mall. The data show around
47% student mentioned that they often hang out and shopping in Mall, this percentage
is bigger than student who never and seldom to shopping and hang out in Mall.

This research is conducted to Senior High School students in Bandung and
takes the sample as many as 360 students in six of Senior High School in Bandung
based on cluster order (Stratified random sampling). The research had done to know
what is the social economy environment factors that influence student consumptive

Based on the result of the research is known that simultaneously the social
economy environment includes variable of parents’ treat pattern, social economy
family’s statue, economy education and group of friend are significantly influence for
student consumptive attitude with the determination of coefficient as big as 54,4%.
Meanwhile, partially social economy family’s statue, economy education and group
of friend are significantly influence, but parents’ treat pattern is not significantly
influence for Senior High School’s student consumptive attitude in Bandung.

Kata kunci : Social economy environment, Consumptive attitude

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