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« Proceeding " 6th Pedagogy International Seminar 2015" ISBN 978-979-3786-50-6 JILID IV Halaman: 1193-1457


1)Khalijah Ahmad & 2)Abd. Manaf Ishak, Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia, Cyberjaya
Based of Creativity and Aesthetics in art teaching pre-school is part of the human capital that can be competitive in the future. The importance of the intellectual development of children is fundamentally influenced by the teaching techniques and delivery taking place in an education system. Early exposure to traditional crafts such as batik can enhance creativity, expression, intuition, imagination, sensitivity and their conception of the craft of batik. The focus of this study was to visual art pre-school children through block printing technique. This technique is one of the most popular technique of batik in Malaysia since 1911. The study found that there are two sources of print material that can discover by pre-school children to produce prints of all so basic and made by human materials. Both of these substances must be scrutinized from the point of art, particularly base line, look for prints and textures of interest. This study will also explore natural resources to replace the colors available in the market and act as an agent for transferring motive blocks / mold on the surface of the paper or fabric. Therefore, this study is a step too creative for teachers to recognize and deepen the nature of the materials used in teaching and learning through visual arts Stem Creativity and Aesthetics in pre-school. Teachers in efforts to diversify the teaching techniques will attract students to explore the arts. Needs study is to develop creativity and exploration of teachers with pre-school children in the production of traditional art history without marginalizing content

Kata kunci : cetakan blok, eksplorasi, sumber alam dan prasekolah

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