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« Vol. III No. 1 Januari 2009

Strategi Mengurus Keupayaan Berfikir Pelajar Dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Bahasa Melayu

Noor Rohana Mansor
The importance of questioning and answering has it’s own role and function in the national education curriculum towards mastering effective thinking skills among students. Questioning and answering has its own function to determine the level of student’s thinking ability and leads them towards productive learning. However, based on the previous report, it shows that students failed to master questioning at the higher cognitive level in Malay Language namely at the higher secondary level. Students had difficulties in understanding the questions and the task as well as answering questions. The findings from the previous research on the analysis of curriculum materials in teaching and learning of Malay Language, depicted that the exposure to the questions at different cognitive levels are still restricted and can’t even stimulate the ability of students’ thinking towards various thinking level. Consequently, teachers should plan strategies to enhance students’ thinking ability especially in language teaching and learning and further integrate in the curriculum. The purpose of this article is to reveal the usage of questions with the different cognitive level in the effort to manage and form students’ thinking ability at the various level of thinking in the teaching and learning of Malay Language.

Kata kunci : thinking ability, cognitive level, language teaching and learning

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