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« Volume 6, Nomor 1, April 2017


Ajeng Laita Gadriani, Murdiyah Winarti, Ayi Budi Santosa
This research aims to explain the social changes at Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya Regency from 1980-1999. The main problem is “how was the social changes at Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya Regency in 1980-1999?”. The method used in this research is historical method which includes the following steps: (1) heuristic, (2) Sshows that after Kampung Naga became the area of travel destination, the lifestyle of its community was gradually started to change. One of the reasons is because the people there saw some visitors bringing a new culture. Modern items such as radio, television, and cellphone are now commonly found in Kampung Naga. They strarted to accept the new technology which has the advantages of increasing their prosperity. Although not all of the changes happened easily, this indicates that the people of Kampung Naga had underwent some changes as the result of Kampung Naga become one of the travel destination. The people of Kampung Naga is indeed open for the new thing as long as it does not harm and give the benefits for them.

Kata kunci : Social Change, Kampung Naga, Community

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