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« Volume 5, Nomor 2, Oktober 2016


Andi Aris Munandar, Agus Mulyana, Ayi Budi Santosa
Cibatu station is a railway station located in the district of Garut. The station has a historical background and development that interests the authors to examine how large the implications of the existence Cibatu Railway station to the development of the societies in Cibatu in 1998-2010, especially when the railway transportation at that time was slumped and the national economy of Indonesia was being hit by the crisis. The main issue is "What is the impact of the presence Cibatu Railway Station on the socio-economic development of the surrounding communities in 1998-2010?" In order to unravel these problems the authors examine the historical methods and research techniques using literature studies and fieldwork by conducting interviews against several witness that are relevant to the issues studied. Based on the results obtained research conclusions. First, regarding the development of the amenities, facilities, infrastructure and services Cibatu Railway Station has changing quite rapidly in 2010. Second, for the development of the number of passengers from data obtained by the authors showed no significant developments. Third, from the data that have obtained and found in the field that impact of Cibatu railway station to the local social and economy development in 1998-2010 was not so significant, in contrast to the 1940s until the 1980s, at which time the station Cibatu really have a strategic role in the economic development of Cibatu even Garut

Kata kunci : Social Economy, Cibatu Railway Station

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