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« Volume 5, Nomor 2, Oktober 2016


Andan Apriana dan Wawan Darmawan
Learning history in Class XI IPS 1 SMAN 2 Cimahi considered boring. So the most of the students are dont interesting in learning, they dont excited and do not have a concern while they learning. It shows that students of class XI IPS 1 have a little motivation in the process of learning in history subject, so the stopmotion media be a solution that will be solve these problems. Stopmotion media is an audio-visual media that displays images, text and sound. The media can simplify the abstract material that becomes more apparent. With the use of media stopmotion in the learning process will be more interesting for students, and increassing their attention and more active learning. The method used in this classroom action research (PTK), The design of Kemmis and Mc. Taggart is used for these research. The design is consists of plan, action, observation and reflection. Data collection techniques used were observation, interviews and documentation in the class. Based on the four cycles were performed, each indicator has increased consistently, when displaying media stopmotion students showing interest in the matter, then the curiosity and the emergence of a sense of fun can be seen when the students do the work. It shows that the use of media stopmotion can increase students' motivation. However, the use of these very media stopmotion requires skills of teachers so that the media can support optimal learning.

Kata kunci : Stopmotion, Study of Motivation, Classroom Action Research

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