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Zoya Febrina Sumampow, Universitas Negeri Manado ............... 754
Elementary School (SD) is an educational unit that is of great importance in educating the nation. The success of students in secondary education and higher education is largely determined by its success in following elementary school. Therefore the primary school should be qualified. SD quality is determined by the quality of the school principal, teacher quality, quality of students, as well as facilities and infrastructure, including the curriculum and the learning process. There are three missions that must be carried by the primary schools, namely: Conducting the process of education, socialization process and the process of transformation. Through the education process of the students are expected to be among the educated (educated person). Through the process of socialization, the students are expected to achieve mental and social maturity, and through the transformation process of the students are expected to have a wide range of science and technology, including the nation's culture. In this modern era, school-based management is not enough anymore in the management of education and learning, because it can not achieve all of the components that exist in the school. Therefore, the school management needs to be reengineered, so that the utilization of all the components of the schools in order to achieve the goal can be realized. One of engineering that is the Department of the Ministry of Education which has a lot to give commands and instructions will change its function to be a "director" and "facilitator" of the school. By doing so, schools have the opportunity to package and implement programs according to their own abilities.

Kata kunci : Elementary School. School-Based Management, Reengineered.

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