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« Volume 4, Nomor 1 April 2015

PERS MAHASISWA INDONESIA PADA AKHIR PEMERINTAHAN ORDE BARU (Perbandingan Pandangan Isola Pos di Bandung dan Balairung di Yogyakarta, 1991-1998)

Nisa Rizkiah
The background of this study was taken from this issue because the researcher saw a condition where student press was an alternative media during the New Order, the student press was capable and daring to criticize the government through the publication of articles in the media. The main problem was then divided into three research questions, namely: (1) How was the dynamics of Indonesian student press from 1991 to 1998? (2) What were Isola Post newspaper and magazine and Balairung’s views seen from the editorial, corner notes, and caricatures in addressing the issues of education and politics in 1991-1998? (3) How did the public response to the views of Isola Post newspaper and Balairung magazine? The method used in this study is the historical method. The results of this study is Isola’s reason on choosing more dominant educational issues was because Isola Post considered that education must be proper and in accordance with the ideals of the nation, should not be politicized. While Balairung was more dominant in political issues because for them it was something interesting to be discussed in that time. In addition, Balairung also saw it as a step to make changes in the socio-political context.

Kata kunci : Student press, Education, Politic, New Order.

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