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« MIMBAR NO 2 2003

Kinerja Proyek P3T & PDKMK Program JPS Depnaker Sumatera Utara dalam Upaya Mengatasi Pengangguran

Prof. Dr. H. Muhammad Yacub, M. Ed.
In order to solve booming of unployment problems, after moneter and soscio-economics crisis (since 1997)
Indonesian government lounching Social Savety Aids or Net ( Jaring Pengaman Sosial or JPS ). This study is focused on
JPS which is run by Man Power Departement ( Depnaker ) Province of North Sumatra. JPS programs cosist of two projects
(1) Skilled Uninployment Development Project or Proyek Pembinaan Penganguran Terampil (P3T) and (2) The Effect of
Dry Season & Unimployment Problems Project or Proyek Dampak Kekeringan & Masalah Ketenagakerjaan (PDKMK).
Most of budget to run P3T and PDKMK are accepted by the people who are involved in JPS programs. The participant of
P3T accepted salary and training to run a small enterpreneur/bisniss interprises, unportunately some of them try to get
another job as official of government of private servant after P3T project is end. The participant of PDKMK activities get a
temporary works and salary, most of the farming activities are success, but in other activities, they do not reach the goal. JPS
programs can be run in the future, if it is well plan, action and control.

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