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MODEL PEMBELAJARAN ICARE PADA KURIKULUM MATA PELAJARAN TIK DI SMP (ICARE based Instructional Model on ICT Curriculum in Yunior Secondary School)

Dinn Wahyudin
In term of curriculum management, there are discrepancies between district level curriculum management policy and school level curriculum implementation. These situation likely to lead a potential distortion in approved curriculum policy at district and school level curriculum implementation. This study is aimed at producing and developing a model of yunior secondary school in order to improve the accountablity of school administrators and teachers in planning, implementing, and evaluating school level curriculum. Through a research and development approach and taking into account the results of prasurvey conducted at school levels. The ICT instructional development model at junior secondary school was adopted in accordance with ICARE model with five stages : introduce, connect, apply, reflect, and extend. Findings show that ICARE based-ICT instructional model exerts positive effects and can be developed as a more meaningful and joyful ICT learning model. Based on stastistical testing at 0,05 (95% significance level) and pretest and posttest score comparison, the study proves ICARE model influences the mastery of instructional materials. Validitation test at the same significance level shows that in urban, semi-urban, and rural schools ICARE based- ICT learning model is much more effective than existing model currently used by the teachers. It is recommended that strategic plan of educational sector should consider curriculum planning with the spirit of regional autonomy. Teachers, principals, and superintendents should view school level curriculum a challenge and chance to do the best as frontline providers in fasilitating students learning experience.

Kata kunci : inovasi pembelajaran, model ICARE, teknologi informasi dan komunikasi

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