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Sri Raharso
Work teams has become relatively common in organizations because brilliant execution that can only be done with teamwork. A team as a group of individuals who work together under a unity of purpose, as a united front. But develop team is not easy, take some years. When team leaders focus primarily on hard business tools, such as schedule, budget, and scope, they can lose sight of a more subjective aspect of the project—the team member. Each person brings a unique set of experiences and knowledge to the team. Equally important are the social and behavioral skills that each individual uses to interact with other team members in forming a cohesive and productive team. At a team’s inception, individuals do not instantly become a cohesive and unified group. Each person has a personal norm that dictates his or her self-perceptions and exhibited behaviors in social settings. In a group, an individual uses these learned behaviors to influence others and, in turn, is influenced by other individuals on the team. Hence, process that happened in team must managed in careful. In this case, this paper discusses level of team growth, cohesion, and norm in team.

Kata kunci : team, growth, cohesion, norm

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