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« Vol.7, No.14, Jan 2009

Problematika Seputar Sistem Outsourcing di Indonesia

Dr. Janah Sojanah, M.Si.
A Height rate of unemployment amounts in Indonesia, results the low of bargaining power from the labor candidates. Like Economic law, when a goods is available in plethora hence the price of the goods will tend to going down. The Situation like this triggers a system recognized as jargon outsourcing, one existence side of this system can permeate more labor compared to direct recruitment by company, because by using this system, company usually can depress defrayal for Human Resource Cost. But in the other hand, Application of outsourcing system in Indonesia has many deviation from real concept, so that in the end a labor become whose part gate harmed. Why the thing would happened and how actually concept outsourcing ought?

Kata kunci : Outsourcing

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