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« Vol. I No. 1 Januari 2007

Studi Peran IMSTEP dalam Penguatan Program Pendidikan Guru MIPA di Indonesia

Sumar Hendayana, Sukirman, Muchtar A. Karim
This paper aims to study the role of IMSTEP (Indonesia Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Project) in strengthening Teacher Education Program in LPTKs (Teacher Training Institutions). It examines the contribution of IMSTEP in promoting Science and Mathematics teacher education program. The results suggest that IMSTEP had positive impact in developing teacher education program, in terms of student achievement, school-university partnership, and global networking. Various factors affect the success of IMSTEP implementation in three participating universities, i.e. Indonesia University of Education (UPI), State University of Yogyakarta (UNY), and State University of Malang (UM). First, the function of university leaders is important. They supported the implementation program by providing staff and budget. Second, principal’s commitment is essential. They let teachers share best practices of teaching, supported teachers participating in MGMP activities, and facilitated teachers with necessary budget for teaching materials.

Kata kunci : IMSTEP, partnership, networking, lesson study

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