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Present the history of literature as a medium of expression and existence for the characters that have a capacity for thinking, contributions and actions. Not just a great figure, the lower classes were competing to be present in history, resulting in writing the history of the competition. One issue that the injustices of history writing about Supeni in Indonesia who poured into four formulation of the problem, 1) Why women like Supeni historiography in Indonesia is still lagging behind, 2) How is the life of women's organizations and Supeni in the early period of independence Indonesia 3) How is life in the field Supeni politics in the early New Order 4) How Supeni role in the history of Indonesia from the year 1945-1970. The method used is the methods of history through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature and documentation techniques. Writing women's history as experienced Supeni, have not shown significant progress, both the quantity and the involvement of women in the history of women's writing. Supeni present in the history of Indonesia and contribute to women's organizations and political. When separated from the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, Indonesia days filled with joy and freedom, various groups organize the independence and development in all fields. Existence Supeni seen in KOWANI to fight for the rights of women. Apart from the war of the revolution, Supeni choose to be active in politics by becoming a member of PNI, her political practice with the struggle to defend his people be more and show that women can compete with men in the political world. In the reign of Sukarno Supeni the brilliant political career. However, the beginning of the New Order government began marginalized existence Supeni caused differences of opinion or political lines. She picked Supeni in this paper may be a contribution to the development of the material in the teaching of history in schools.

Kata kunci : Supeni, historiography of women in Indonesia, gender inequality.

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