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IMF dan Privatisasi BUMN pada Masa Orde Baru Antara Tahun 1967-1998

Feni Endah Nurfitriyani
Privatization of BUMN in Indonesia became the nation's problems, given the potential of natural and national shared services management responsibilities to private parties or foreign. Privatization should be reconsidered by the government, given the policy making of Indonesia's natural wealth falls into foreign hands, and this place since the New Order. This study uses historical. Engineering research using library research. The approach used is an interdisciplinary approach, the main science history as assisted with the concept of economics and politics. The research questions are: (1) How does the position of BUMN in the economy of Indonesia?, (2) How is the role of the IMF in Indonesia in relation to the privatization of BUMN between the years 1967-1998?, (3) What is the impact of privatization between the years 1967-1998 to Indonesia's economy?. The result showed that the position of BUMN explanation in view of the Constitution as the fulfillment of the needs of the people who owned and managed the state. Privatization policy starting in 1967, until the end of the New Order has occurred privatization in strategic sectors, such as telecommunications, electricity, water, coal, paper, oil, cement, mining, oil, and more. IMF role in the privatization of state-owned enterprises is an organization that started the New Order government's policy to privatize. The impact of privatization advocated by the IMF is to shift the state to private ownership, so that Indonesia is losing potential wealth. Thus, the loan funds to the IMF the government has foreign debt and dependent on foreign funding. So the consequences of borrowing funds, the privatization of state-owned enterprises to the economic policies that run under the direction of the IMF.

Kata kunci : Privatization, BUMN (state-owned enterprises), IMF, New Regim

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