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Teriana Akbar Yuloh
These authors raise interest started when I read the title of a book entitled "Hugo Chavez: The Bolivarian Revolution and Radical Politics" by Nuryani Soyomukti. In the book, the authors found there was a social movement against neoliberalism in Venezuela and is categorized as a new social movement. Writing the history of Latin America are very hard to find even a challenge for the writer in the writing of thesis entitled "Bolivarian Circles: Analysis of New Social Movements in Venezuela Year 2001-2003". The main problem studied in this arti-cle is "why the Bolivarian Circle of resistance to neoliberalism in Venezuela in 2001-2003". The main problem is divided into four research questions: first, how the background of the birth of the Bolivarian Circles in Venezuela?, Secondly, how the efforts of the Bolivarian Circles in Venezuela against neoliberalism in the year 2001-2003?; Third, how developments in the Bolivarian Circles against ne-oliberalism in Venezuela in 2001-2003?; Fourth, what impact that created the Bolivarian Circles in Venezuela against neoliberalism in 2001-2003. The method used is the historical method to perform four steps of the heuristic research, criti-cism, interpretation, and historiography. As for the collection of data, the authors do library research techniques that examine the sources relevant to the title of this thesis. Based on the findings of the obtained first, the background due to the for-mation of the Bolivarian Circle of neoliberal practices that lead to poverty and inequality for the people of Venezuela, plus the absence of large groups can be organized against neo-liberalism. Second, efforts were made Bolivarian Circles are a way to design a variety of programs in opposing neoliberalism and encomĀ¬pass a broad outline of membership from a broad social base and not divided. Third, the development of the Bolivarian Circles from 2001-2003 is an ever-growing number of members each year, but more than 200,000 active circle is not working in 2003. Fourth, the impact of the Bolivarian Circles were created, among others, Bolivarian Circles proposals succeeded in pushing the government to nationalize the oil companies, increase wages, and distribute land to millions of people do not take root. This movement succeeded in pushing the government to build health and free education system and protection for women and children.

Kata kunci : Neoliberalisme, Gerakan Sosial Baru, Lingkaran Bolivarian

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