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« Vol. I No. 2 Juli 2007

Mengembangkan Kemampuan Penalaran dan Koneksi Matematik Siswa SMA Melalui Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah

Yanto Permana dan Utari Sumarmo
This research reports the result of problem solving-based learning experiment of mathematical connection and analysis ability of high school students. The study used six instruments: a set of pre-test, essay test on mathematical analysis and connection, Likert-scale, students’ activity observation sheet, and questionnaire for teachers. The research found the following: (a) the experiment students have better mathematical connection and analysis ability than those of control ones, (b) students have positive attitudes towards problem solving-based instruction, (c) students were engaged in the learning process, and 4) teachers have positive responses to this learning model and are ready to implement it in their teaching-learning process.

Kata kunci : problem solving-based instruction, mathematical analysis, mathematical connection.

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