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INDIVIDUALISASI PENDIDIKAN Pendidikan Karakter Berparadigma Kesadaran Eksistensial

Firdaus Achmad
Social life that is still ?lled mostly with negative behavior, especially among students, such as: the use of illegal drugs, extra-marital sex, and brawl, constitutes part of the picture of the face of Indonesia. Education, which is
expected to equip the children of this nation with commendable personality, is still powerless in playing its role.
Using Søren Aabye Kierkegaard’s thought on existentialism, the author offers an educational paradigm based on existential awareness. The paradigm which the writer termed as the ‘individualization of education’ is oriented toward the development of the potential of the individual selfness in order to produce virtues, which are the faith in the selfness of each individual. With the existential awareness, education will return to its authentic role in
humanizing man.

Kata kunci : individualization of education, existential awareness

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