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PEMBINAAN SOPAN SANTUN SEBAGAI UPAYA MEMBENTUK AKHLAK MULIA SISWA (Studi Deskriptif Pada Pembelajaran Aqidah Akhlak di MTs YPI Al Islam Kab. Bandung)

Ganjar Risma Fauzy Muchram, Mupid Hidayat
The location of this research is MTs YPI Al Islam, The approach used is a qualitative approach. With the methods used in this study is descriptive analytical method. Research site located in the MTs YPI Al Islam Bandung regency with his research subjects, namely the principal, teachers aqidah morals. As for the data collection techniques using obervasi, interviews, dokmentasi studies, and literature. The results of this study indicate: 1) Pattern formation in an attempt to form manners noble character of students through activities intrakurikuler 2) the process of coaching is done on the manners of learning Aqeedah using the exemplary morals, advice, attention. 3) constraints encountered in the process of coaching students.

Kata kunci : Sopan santun, aklak mulia, pembelajaran akidah akhlak

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