Utilization Of Active Kowledge Sharing Learning Based Approach As An Effort To Optimize Results Of Informatics Technology Recognition In Odd Semester Students In Pgri Madiun University Year Recovery 2019/2020

Novega (Universitas PGRI Madiun, Kota Madiun)
The study strategy is based on Active Kowledge Sharing Learning that is used in the activities of the Recovery of Informatics Engineering Courses at Odd Semester at PGRI Madiun University 2019/2020 Recovery Year. it turns out to be more effective in increasing and growing Life Skills, motivation, and Information Technology Recovery activities. Several reasons for the use of Active Kowledge Sharing Learning-based learning strategies in learning activities in order to obtain effective learning outcomes, then lectures using an Active Kowledge Sharing Learning-based approach are used in the lectures of Odd Semester Information Technology Students in PGRI Madiun University 2019/2020 Recovery Year. intended for : There are two principles of how to look at motivation, (1) motivation is seen as a process, and (2) determines the character of this process by looking at the instructions of his behavior. From some of these opinions, it can be concluded that motivation is an impulse that comes from within a person (intrinsic) or comes from outside the personal (extrinsic) to achieve goals in accordance with his personal desires. Student learning motivation in learning based on Active Kowledge Sharing Learning began to be shown by students in participating in learning activities. Based on the research Observer, some students began to be enthusiastic in participating in the Recovery activities delivered by the Lecturer. The learning approach based on Active Kowledge Sharing Learning is expected to increase student outcomes significantly, because in the learning process with this approach students are more active and always carry out learning activities according to ability. So that it makes students more motivated in learning. So far the approach used in learning is only conventional. These findings, in line with what was stated by Hamalik (2002), which states that students prefer to learn if they take an active part in practice / practice to achieve the objectives of lectures. Active practice means students work on their own, do Life Skills, not listen to lectures and take notes. Lectures should be adapted to the following principles: (1) try to get as many students as possible to answer questions or respond to lecturer questions, while other students write answers and respond orally, (2) ask students to arrange and reorganize the information they get from the reading, and (3) provide laboratory and field practice situations based on the lecture goals that were formulated previously. And the opinion mentioned above shows that the learning approach based on Active Kowledge Sharing Learning is a strategy that makes it possible to make students active in learning, so that it is expected to improve students' Information Technology Recovery in learning can be obtained optimally. In connection with efforts to improve Information Technology Recovery learning, learning will be easier and can be felt if the learning knows the results obtained. If learning means changes that occur in individuals, then those changes must be observable and valued. The results of observers and assessments are generally realized in the form of Information Technology Recovery. In this action research, what is meant by Information Technology Recovery is learning outcomes achieved in the form of numbers or grades on lecture material with Competencies that are in accordance with student abilities. The higher the value produced, the better the Information Technology Recovery obtained to be increased

Kata kunci : : Information Technology Lectures, Active Knowledge Sharing Learning based lecture strategies