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« Volume 5, Nomor. 1, April 2016


Irfan Hanafi, Suwirta, Moch Eryk Kamsori
This article is the result of the research that discuss about comparison between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky Socialism in the Soviet Union 1924-1929. Background of the study was how it compares to socialism of Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky in the Soviet Union 1924-1929? A historical method was used in this study, also interdisciplinary approaches such as political science and sociology, as well as the study of literature in assessing Stalin and Trotsky ideas.. Both of them were follower of Marx and Lenin, have different views on the next steps in developing socialism which occurred in 1924 in the Soviet Union. Stalin argued that socialism can be established in a country that is the Soviet Union, but Trotsky has another point of view, socialism in the Soviet Union will be succeed if the socialist revolution that has succeeded in the Soviet Union, continued throughout Europe. Besides the difference on the revolution, they have different views in realizing the revolution, Stalin argued the dictatorship is needed; especially party dictatorship while Trotsky argued the dictatorship must be democratic. Stalin became the leader and had full control while Trotsky was exiled from the Soviet Union. The differences between the two leaders opinion have impact on the official ideology and the economic policy in the Soviet Union.

Kata kunci : Kediktatoran, Sosialisme, Stalin, Trotsky, Uni Soviet

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