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« Volume 5, Nomor. 1, April 2016

SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT SANG PENAKLUK TIMUR DAN BARAT (Kajian Politik Ekspansi Turki Utsmani 1520-1566 M)

Muhammad Ryan Hafiez, Suwirta, R. H. Achmad Iriyadi
This article is titled “Suleiman The Magnificent The Conqueror of The East and The West (Study of Political Expansion of Ottoman Empire 1520-1566 M)”. The main problem raised in this paper is "How was the process of expansion of the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Suleiman the Magnificent?”. The method used is the historical method includes heuristics, criticism of sources, interpretation and historiography. Suleiman The Magnificent or Sultan Suleiman I was the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, under his leadership he had brought the Ottoman Empire to several expansions in the region of South East Europe, North Africa, Mediterranean, and Western Asia. Those expansions were motivated by the seizure of strategic areas which became the trade lanes and the perimeters, later evolved into the war. In Southeast Europe, the Ottoman against Habsburg and Hungary in seizing Belgrade and Buda territory, in North Africa against Spain in seizing Tunis and Algiers territory, and in Western Asia against Persia-Safavid in seizing Baghdad territory. The conquest of Sultan Suleiman I had expanded the territory of the Ottoman Empire from 576,900 square miles in 1520 to 877,888 square miles in 1566.

Kata kunci : Expansion, Geopolitics, Ottoman Empire, Suleiman The Magnificent, War

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