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« Volume 5, Nomor. 1, April 2016


Rita Kumalasari, Dadang Supardan, Wawan Darmawan
This research was conducted using Phenomenography, that used history as the media and the students read it fastly and precisely, so that the students were able to understand and present a given content well. The research was applied in Grade XI IIS 2 SMA NEGERI 4 Bandung. The aim of this study was to develop historical comprehension among senior high school students in learning history, because the students mostly viewed history as a subject that focus on memorizing without gaining a comprehensive understanding regarding to the historical event. The indicator of historical comprehension included the identification of questions, differentiate the type of questions, relate the concept in the whole theme, read the history imaginatively and narrative, and reconstruct the literal narrative history meaningful. The method of this study was applied classroom action research (PTK) and Kemmis and Taggart Model was used as the design of this study. Kemmis and Taggart Design was composed by 4 stages, they are plan, act, observation, and reflection. The result showed that the Phenomenography was able to develop students’ historical comprehension in learning history in Grade XI IIS 2 SMA NEGERI 4 Bandung. This result can be seen through the improvement of students’ achievement based on the indicator of historical comprehension that developed in the study. From this study, the researcher can conclude that Phenomenography was able to increase the students’ achievement in learning history.

Kata kunci : Phenomenography Historical Comprehension, Classroom Action Research (PTK)

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